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Spring release 2.7 of MeshGems delivered in May 2018 : what’s new ?

Every 6 months, Distene delivers a new release of MeshGems. Version 2.7 of MeshGems is proposing the following: New Features … … in the MeshGems API: The Mesh statistics are now providing the tetrahedra’s height Cracks inside a mesh can be defined by several ways, including discrete and analytical inputs. … in Surface Meshing: Meshing on […]

Are you interested in surface meshing from a cloud of 3D points?

As part of the MeshGems 2.7 distribution is included a demonstrator of an upcoming product, MG-PointCAD, which automatically builds a surface triangulation from a cloud of points (known by their (x,y,z) coordinates). We invite you to test it on your projects and to send us your feedbacks to help us improving it and making an industry-level […]