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MG-Hexa: a 100% hex fully-automatic mesher with boundary layers (*)

Focus on MeshGems-Hexa, the 100% hex fully-automatic mesher from the MeshGems suite. It is based on the octree method, so as to combine full automation and reliability. Its method is quite simple: the mesher starts by inserting the input geometry (provided as a set of triangles) into the object’s bounding box, and refines it recursively […]

Autumn MeshGems release 2.4 delivered in November 2016

What’s new in MeshGems 2.4 ? Distene has released version 2.4 of MeshGems with the following enhancements to automatic mesh generation capabilities … … in Surface Meshing:     MG-CADSurf Comprehensive support of XYZ based size maps Quad-dominant meshing quality and performance is improved better regularity accounting for local geometry features Quad-dominant meshing is now fully […]

Needs and Trends of Meshing Algorithms in the Industry

The 25th International Meshing Roundtable took place on September 27-30, 2016, in Washington, DC. The International Meshing Roundtable,  initiated and organized by Sandia National Laboratories since 1992, continues to focus on bringing together researchers and developers from academia, national labs and industry in a stimulating, open environment to share technical information related to mesh generation and […]