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Price awarded to Distene for its strong and long-term contribution to Numerical Simulation!

The French Magazine “L’Usine Nouvelle“, “L’Usine Digitale“and the TERATEC association teamed up to reward the champions of Numerical Simulation on June 23rd, 2015. The “Trophies of the Simulation“ are targeting all French companies engaged in Numerical Simulation and High Performance Computing (HPC). For its first edition, the event was held on the occasion of the […]

Mesh quality: the contribution MG-Tetra_HPC brings to MeshGems

Since MeshGems 2.0,  we are proud to provide through  MG-Tetra_HPC a Delaunay meshing method using a frontal vertex computation, trying to take the best of the two main methods for constrained tetrahedral mesh generation: The robustness and speed of the Delaunay method The quality of the frontal approach In the previous newsletter, we showed the […]

Spring release of MeshGems with version 2.1

MeshGems 2.1 has been released in May 2015. Here are the significant improvements: Surface Meshing: MeshGems-CADSurf: The size management algorithms have been redesigned. You can now: define and use a callback-based isotropic sizemap in the 3D space, define and use a callback-based anisotropic sizemap in the 3D space, specify the number of points to be […]

MSC Software and Distene Expand Software Solution Partnership for Hex/Hybrid Meshing Components

MSC Software Corporation, a global leader in helping product manufacturers to advance their engineering methods with simulation software and services, today announced the expansion of its OEM License & Distribution Agreement to include Distene’s Hex and Hybrid meshing components. These technologies will join the other MeshGems Surface and Volume meshing components that have been incorporated […]