Price awarded to Distene for its strong and long-term contribution to Numerical Simulation!

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Trophée de la Simulation Numérique 2015The French Magazine “L’Usine Nouvelle“, L’Usine Digitaleand the TERATEC association teamed up to reward the champions of Numerical Simulation on June 23rd, 2015. The “Trophies of the Simulation are targeting all French companies engaged in Numerical Simulation and High Performance Computing (HPC). For its first edition, the event was held on the occasion of the “10th anniversary of the TERATEC Forum” which took place at the École Polytechnique: this event is the annual “rendez-vous” of international experts in Design and Numerical Simulation and High Performance Computing.

Five Trophies were awarded for this first edition by a board of international renowned experts, and the Jury awarded its highest award, the “Jury Prize“, to Distene. This award is recognizing Distene’s MeshGems technical and business worldwide success as well as its strong and long-term contribution to the field of numerical simulation, thanks to world-class meshing technologies automating the CAD-to-Solver step.

For its performance, Distene‘s MeshGems suite of meshing software technologies has become the reference in mesh generation for the Computer-Aided Engineering. Developed in strong collaboration with INRIA (Distene was “born from INRIA” in 2004 and is sharing a common Innovation lab), MeshGems has been embedded into the suites of a large set of CADCAE software vendors (see partial list of customers here) and is thus used daily by tens of thousands of engineers.