Distene joins the ETP4HPC initiative

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ETP4HPCThe ETP4HPC initiative (see http://www.etp4hpc.eu/ for further information) aims at defining research priorities and action plans on High Performance Computing (HPC) to support major research and technological advances in the medium to long term. An industry-led initiative, a European Technology Platform (ETP) for High Performance Computing, is being formed to address these issues. This ETP will define research priorities for the development of a globally competitive HPC technology ecosystem in Europe. It will propose and help to implement a Strategic Research Agenda.

DISTENE made the decision to join this initiative and become an associated  member ETP4HPC (see members list here : http://www.etp4hpc.eu/members/members-list/) as a continuation of its investment in HPC technologies and ecosystem for many years. Indeed:

  • DISTENE moved its headquarters and R&D team in 2004 to the TERATEC Campus, the European Pole of Competence in High Performance Simulation (see www.teratec.eu for further information), located very close to the CEA Very Large Computing Centre, and has been involved in the TERATEC initiative ever since the early beginning.
  • DISTENE is or has been involved in many national HPC-related projects, like IOLS, EHPOC, OpenHPC, TIMCO and CollaViz of the SYSTEMATIC – Paris Region competitiveness cluster (see http://www.systematic-paris-region.org/ for further information), which helped invest on the adaptation of MeshGems to HPC.

Being part of such an European-wide HPC ecosystem is a great chance for DISTENE, as it makes the MeshGems suite evolve into a  range of meshing components addressing High Performance Computing. This can be achieved thanks to HPC experts, technologies and methodologies.