Autumn release 2.8 of MeshGems available : what’s new ?

· MeshGems Release

Every 6 months, Distene delivers a new release of MeshGems. Highlights of MeshGems 2.8 are the following:

MeshGems in general:

– New features

  • Support of robust quadratic meshing for all the MeshGems components, that is throughout the whole meshing process from surface to volume and for all the supported elements.

Quadratic Meshing

  • New Template delivered in the MeshGems distribution as part of an effort to help developers saving time and setting up a workflow, based on MeshGems-CADSurf, MeshGems-Cleaner and MeshGems-Tetra. This aims at generating a tetrahedral volume mesh out of a CAD file and which is applicable for dirty/noisy geometries. This workflow was designed based on our experience and we hope it will help maximizing the success rate of your meshing process.


Surface Meshing:

– New Features

  • Capability to generate a surface mesh out of a “hybrid CAD”, which is a geometry made of a combination of:
    • analytical CAD entities (whose geometries are defined by analytical functions, such as for example NURBS), and
    • discrete CAD entities (whose geometries are defined by a tesselation, in other words, a set of triangles).

Dual CAD definition


  • Patch independent correction operations on wires.

– Improvements

  • Mesh quality improvement in the Discrete surface meshing workflow

Improved Discrete Meshing


  • Increased meshing robustness
  • Better handling of complex overlaps in the cleaning process (MeshGems-Cleaner)


Volume Meshing:

– New Features

– Improvements

  • Performance enhancements in
    • MeshGems-Tetra: improvement of quality with overconstrained elements processing (observed in more than 50% of cases) and slight quality improvement of sliver processing
    • MeshGems-Tetra_HPC: improvement of robustness, memory footprint and parallel performance
  • Geometry accuracy improvements in MeshGems-Hexa

Geometry Accuracy Improvement

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