Autumn release 2.6 delivered in November 2017

· MeshGems Release

Distene released version 2.6 of MeshGems which includes:

the New Features …

… in Surface Meshing:

  • MeshGems-CADSurf: automatic patch meshing is now available as part of the MeshGems-CADSurf component. It allows one to generate a surface mesh directly out of a discretized closed and conformal boundary mesh.
  • MeshGems-CADSurf: tagged discrete lines are preserved when meshing on discrete CAD.
  • MeshGems-CADSurf: local geometrical and physical sizemaps can be set on tagged discrete lines

… in Mesh Processing:

  • MeshGems-Cleaner: modifications performed by cleaning operations on overlapping surfaces are saved in the tag history.
  • MeshGems-Cleaner: free and multiples edges of the input mesh are now differentiated so that the multiple (non-manifold) edges of the input mesh can be recovered after the cleaning operation.

… in Volume Meshing:

  • MeshGems-Tetra: new optional optimisation process in MeshGems-Tetra available so as to improve the quality of the worst elements.
  • MeshGems-Tetra HPC: new option to prevent the generation of over-constrained tetrahedra in MeshGems-Tetra HPC.
  • MeshGems-Tetra HPC: new “optimisation level” parameter to drive mesh quality in MeshGems-Tetra HPC, through three available levels: light, standard, strong (increasing order of quality vs speed ratio).
  • MeshGems-Hexa : can now
    – adjust locally the size of the boundary layer according to the size of the hexahedra that have to be split,
    – or force the first physical layer to have the same size throughout the mesh. The default behavior is to adjust locally the size.
  • MeshGems-Hybrid: internal walls are supported and the boundary layers can be generated on both sides.

… in Mesh Adaptivity

and the Improvements …

… in Surface Meshing:

  • MeshGems-CADSurf: when quadrilateral meshes are requested, structured and more regular meshes are produced whenever possible.

CADSurf Quadrangle

  • MeshGems-CADSurf: self-intersection prevention algorithm has been noticeably enhanced, especially on curved and thin areas.
  • MeshGems-CADSurf: many other improvements in the following areas:
    – mesh quality when the sizemap is chaotic,
    – quadratic meshing,
    – volume gradation performance,
    – bad surface element removal,
    – wire geometry representation accuracy.

… in Volume Meshing:

  • MeshGems-Tetra: better treatment of the gradation, minimum size and maximum size around input skin vertices. Generation of coarser meshes as the gradation increases.
  • MeshGems-Tetra HPC: mesh generation speed substantially increased on small cases and thin geometries.
  • MeshGems-Tetra HPC: quality of the generated tetrahedral mesh noticeably improved.
  • MeshGems-Hybrid: quality of the boundary layer meshes improved when colliding around corners.

  • MeshGems-Hybrid: better gradation in the transition layer when both cartesian core and boundary layers are requested, leading to better quality elements in this area.

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