Are you interested in surface meshing from a cloud of 3D points?


As part of the MeshGems 2.7 distribution is included a demonstrator of an upcoming product, MG-PointCAD, which automatically builds a surface triangulation from a cloud of points (known by their (x,y,z) coordinates). We invite you to test it on your projects and to send us your feedbacks to help us improving it and making an industry-level product. Based on our famous MG-Tetra tet mesher, this technology for building a surface meshing out of a cloud of 3D points benefits from its assets, which made this technology the worldwide reference technology for tetrahedral meshing. The most significant are its best-in-class industry-level robustness and efficiency, and its speed.

While being an early version, many useful features are already available, like:

  • the input may contain set of points representing unclosed surfaces, and several connex components;
  • basic filtering can be achieved: f.e. points which are too close, noisy points, very small artifact components, etc…;
  • many complementary approaches can be used for best results, like proximity, regularity or variation of normals, statistical properties, angles and continuity, etc… ;
  • the resulting surface mesh is manifold.

This is a pre-industrial version that may contain some limitations. Your feedback is gladly welcome and will assess where we stand with respect to user expectations. Feel free to ask for your free test license !!!

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