TERATEC 2019 Forum: where are we now with Digital Twins in Industry?

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Laurent Anné, Sales & Marketing Director of Distene, chaired a workshop at the Ter@tec 2019 Forum aiming at drawing up an inventory of real implementation of Digital Twins in the industry. The concept of the digital twin isn’t exactly new, everyone agrees on its inevitable expansion in industry, as a new way of interfacing with and anticipating the real world by creating an immersive, accurate digital representation of this real world. But, where are we now with the real industrial implementation of Digital Twins ?

In the scope of that Workshop, key people of Industry leaders  including ANSYS, AREP (SNCF Group), Dassault Systemes, EDF, ESI, Michelin, Naval Group and Safran, presented their vision of the Digital Twin and their use case, and the current implementation in their organization. It was the occasion to have a quite large Spectrum of forms depending on the industry (Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Buildings & Smart Cities, Manufacturing) and use case. Each of them raised up:

  • of course, the promising objectives of such new concept, that motivate the investments,
  • the key technologies that are involved in the implementation, even development, and
  • the bottlenecks they currently meet that have to be addressed, like the access to the datas as a key asset in the future success.

In addition to the technological challenges, like f.e. advanced, automated and fast Numerical Simulation Tools, including of course the Meshing process, some of them pointed at the needed changes the Digital Twins will cause on the entreprise organization, even the sector.

For more details, see the PDF copies of the presentations on the Forum archives.

About the Ter@tec Forum:

The TERATEC Forum is a major event in France and Europe that brings together the best international experts in HPC, Simulation and Big Data. The TERATEC Forum welcomes more than 1 300 attendees, highlighting the technological and industrial dynamism of HPC and the essential role that France plays in this field. The participation and the testimony of senior industrial and ICT leaders, the diversity and the high level of the technical workshops, the representativeness of exhibitors and innovation offers displayed, are assets for all responsible concerned by simulation and high-performance computing. It is hosting:

  • on the first day, plenary sessions on the challenges and latest developments in digital technologies by key industry leaders, 
  • on the second day, workshops on emerging technologies in HPC and Big Data, as well as their new areas of application, like the Digital Twin, by renowned international experts,

and an Exhibition hall during the two days of the Forum, where over 70 exhibitors – software manufacturers and producers, integrators and distributors, service providers, cademic and laboratory researchers – had presented their latest technologies and innovations in HPC, simulation and Big Data.

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