We welcome our new MeshGems users

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The list of MeshGems licensees continues to grow. The most recent new companies that made the decision to be “Powered by MeshGems” include:

  • STRAINS, a France-based company that aims at developping an innovative STRuctural Analysis Innovation Software and at offering creative and elegant solutions for complex structural problems and new ways of seeing engineering challenges;
  • MARIN, the Maritime Research Institute in Netherlands, that decided to use the Surface Meshing technologies as part of their facilities & tools for analysis, prediction, modelling and simulation;
  • CADMatic Software Solutions,  based in Netherlands, that includes the MeshGems Surface Meshing capabilities in their powerful Ship Design software developed for the Marine industry;
  • BM Research & Development, based in Vietnam, that chose to embed MeshGems in their new TopShape software, that aims at providing an innovative structural optimization software designed to be intuitive and easy to use by every designer of the emerging manufacturing industries such as 3D printing;
  • Optum Computational Engineering, based in Denmark, that is dedicated to developing advanced and user friendly software for the civil engineering industry;

We are proud to contribute to the success of all of these companies.

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