Trelis 15.1 expands its MeshGems experience

· Customer Spotlight, News

csimsoft released Trelis 15.1 in November 2014, a version upgrade of its popular Trelis meshing software. Trelis 15.1 includes the much anticipated Trelis SDK, with an export API for creating custom exporters, and integrated technology from MeshGems. Trelis 15.1 and a full list of updates are available at the csimsoft website.

The MeshGems components add a significant improvement to Trelis’s triangle and tetrahedral meshing capabilities. “csimsoft made the decision to integrate the MG-CADSurf and MG-Tetra technologies into Trelis 15.1 and could not be more pleased with that choice. The combination of all three of these components provides our users with the best possible triangle and tetrahedral meshing solution,” commented Randy Morris, Managing Director. “The components are robust and are able to generate very high quality meshes across our large test suite of models.”

Trelis is based on the time-proven CUBIT™ code that has been developed for more than two decades in conjunction with Sandia National Laboratories. Trelis provides users with powerful meshing tools that specifically meet their needs, produces top quality meshes, and enhances the user experience.