They chose to be “Powered by MeshGems” and are happy they did so …

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The MeshGems suite is the trusted meshing technology chosen by leading CAE/CAD vendors, but not only by the largest ones. From our strong and long experience of the OEM business with so many different companies, from start-ups to majors, on quite different markets, developing very varying applications, our licensing Policy was made to be suitable for anyone.

For that reason, the list of MeshGems licensees continues to grow. The most recent new licensees include:

  • Transcendata Europe, based in UK, based in UK, which are proposing MG-Tetra as part of CADFix to their customers, in addition to their own meshing technology,
  • Hydrocean, based in France, for the pre-processing environnement of their suite of software products that specifically target marine applications with the most adapted method, from Navier-Stokes approaches to innovative tools based on particle methods, including resistance and seakeeping potential flow solvers,
  • Design Simulation Technologies, based in the USA, as part of its SimWise 4D flagship product which couples core dynamic motion simulation technology with Finite Element Analysis in order to address the problems of moving mechanical products,
  • GEONX, based in Belgium, for their innovative VIRFAC software, a new reference in unified simulation for applications ranging from transformation and assembly processes to in-service structural response,
  • Computational Simulation Software, LLC, based in the USA, for their TRELIS Software suite, powered by CUBIT, the Geometry and Mesh Generation Toolkit developed by SANDIA National Laboratory, embedding a MeshGems component,
  • Entares, based in France, chose MeshGems to enhance the meshing capabilities of their CAPITOLE-EM software, designed to simulate electromagnetic fields from radiating devices such as antennas and their interactions with the structures.
  • SETEC TPI, based in France, for their Pythagore software addressing representation and technical advice for project owners, design and construction supervision, expert assessments and support for contractors for major public works infrastructures and industrial facilities of all kinds

Apart from these new licensees, many of the existing ones renewned their trust in the MeshGems solutions a step further by expanding their collaboration. Among them:

  • Coretech, based in Taiwan, recently added new MeshGems technologies to expand the meshing capability and reliability of its Moldex 3D solutions that simulate the widest application range of injection molding processes to optimize product design and manufacturability, shorten time-to-market, and maximize product ROI,
  • MIDAS Information Technology Co., based in South Korea, selected a new MeshGems capability to help the development of their new suite of solvers,
  • EM Works, based in Canada, add new meshing features from the MeshGems suite to expand their Products capability.

We are proud to contribute to the success of all of our customers. Ever since the first OEM agreement signed back in 1993, we have known all along that the key to this success is not only the state-of-the art and reliable technology we deliver over time. It is also the responsive and high level support service we provide, exactly as if we were part of our customers’ own R&D team.