The MeshGems Users Spotlight

· Customer Spotlight

We would like to thank the following new “members” of the “Powered by MeshGems” community for the confidence they put in Distene’s solutions:

  • Axesim, a French company specializing in the field of electromagnetic simulation, offers a consistent range of professional applications for the performance simulation of products and systems and for the evaluation of the impact of electromagnetic environments when products are used. Axesim decided to rely on MeshGems for the development of their Preprocessing tool.
  • Baker Hughes, a GE company, is the world’s first and only fullstream provider of integrated oilfield products, services and digital solutions. As part of these solutions, JewelSuite, which embeds MeshGems, helps operators to gain a better understanding of the subsurface in order to make better decisions on well placement, reserves estimation, and production planning.
  • CEDIC is developing and distributing CAE software and made the choice of MeshGems for the development of easy-to-use CAE software  for the SME market, in collaboration with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KISTI) .
  • Engineering Software Steyr GmbH is the software developer of  MERGE, a software tool used to prepare, fully automatically, CAD meshes of 3D objects for fluid and structural analysis simulations, and of ALSIM, a paint shop software used to simulate the different tasks in the paint shop process, the most expensive part of the entire car design process.
  • Missler Software, the software editor of the TopSolid software suite, a complete CAD/CAM software products offer to meet manufacturing requirements of a large range of industries, made the choice of MeshGems to provide their users with more efficient, reliable, complete and incredibly productive Tools.
  • Paradigm, the largest independent developer of software-enabled solutions to the global oil and gas industry, made the decision to rely on MeshGems to expand the meshing capabilities of its SKUA products.
  • Shell, one of the leading company in the oil and gas industry, is licensing MeshGems in the scope of its activities,
  • Technostar, a leading Japanese company developing high-performance, sophisticated and user friendly CAE software, expanded its use of MeshGems technology in the scope of its software product development. The new agreement has been signed at the French Embassy at Tokyo with the participation of the representatives of the French and Japanese governments.

We are also very pleased to have some our current partners confirm their confidence by relying more on MeshGems in the development and enhancement of their applications:  Autodesk, Beasy, CSimSoft, Exa, MSC.Software, and Sandia National Laboratory added new MeshGems capabilities into their software.



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