FEA begins with [3D Precise] Meshing!

· Customer Spotlight

It’s always a great satisfaction for the MeshGems team to contribute to the success and enthoutiasm of our users. For that reason, here is a kind of story from SPATIAL we like to share, which is the story of “top experts” working together to assemble top technologies and competencies to make such a top-level software product, FVA-Workbench, dedicated to Gearbox simulation and detailed analysis.


This success story is reporting precisely what we claim as being the essence of our business: “Working with Spatial [including 3DPM, powered by MeshGems] enables our small and highly competent development team, staffed by the top experts from the industry, to focus on our core competency: numerical simulations”, Norbert Haefke, CEO, FVA GmbH

Of course, we especially like in this success story the “CAD-to-mesh” episode: “FEA Begins with Meshing: The first step when performing FEA is creating a mesh of the individual components of a system. Because FVA has standardized on Spatial’s ACIS 3D modeling kernel, a natural choice for a meshing solution was 3D Precise Mesh. But the decision to employ 3D Precise Mesh came only after an extensive analysis of available meshing solution, where the Spatial mesher came out on top regarding the quality of the results. 3D Precise Mesh provides an integrated 3D meshing capability to power analysis applications that utilize simulation for design and testing. Combining world-leading 3D modeling and meshing solutions provides a rapid and precise CAD-to-mesh capability that analysis workflows depend upon.”

The race just begins, and we will all stay on the ship deck to win the FVA-Workbench users satisfaction!