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TERATEC 2019 Forum: where are we now with Digital Twins in Industry?

TERATEC 2019 Forum: where are we now with Digital Twins in Industry?

/ Events, News, Newsletter 11
Laurent Anné, Sales & Marketing Director of Distene, chaired a workshop at the Ter@tec 2019 Forum aiming at drawing up an inventory of real implementation of Digital Twins in the industry. The concept of the digital twin isn’t exactly new, everyone agrees ...
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Image - Courtesy of Airbus

MeshGems funded by National Research & Development programs to improve CFD capabilities

/ News, Newsletter 10
CLIMB is a three-year research project funded by the French Government. It is carried out by fifteen European partners including the following industrial companies, universities, research institutes and research laboratories: Activeeon, Airbus, Aix-Marseille Université, Cerfacs, CNRS, CSSI, Distene, Ecole Centrale de ...
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3D Precise Mesh

February 2017: Spatial leverages mesh technology from Distene …

/ News, Newsletter 8
In February 2017, Spatial Corp, the leading provider of 3D software development toolkits for design, manufacturing, and engineering solutions, and a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, announced the incorporation of 3D mesh technology from Distene S.A.S. into their 3D modeling software development ...
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Picture of Distene at the Elysée Presidential Palace

Distene and MeshGems recognized as a French Tech gem by the Government

/ Events, News, Newsletter 6
Paris - May 23rd, 2016: Mark Loriot, President of Distene, was invited as a speaker at the annual Ceremony for the first anniversary of the "New Industrial France" ("Nouvelle France Industrielle") which took place at the Presidential Palace, l'Elysée, in presence ...
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Picture of the Ecosystem Prize Award Ceremony

MeshGems awarded at the 11th Systematic Annual Convention

/ Events, News, Newsletter 6
June 8, 2016 - Paris: The Ecosystem of the Systematic Competitiveness Cluster awarded the Innovation Prize to MeshGems Extract from the press release of the 11th Systematic Annual Convention11th Systematic Annual Convention  The Ecosystem Prize was awarded to Distene and its ...
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We welcome our new MeshGems users

/ Customer Spotlight, News, Newsletter 5
The list of MeshGems licensees continues to grow. The most recent new companies that made the decision to be "Powered by MeshGems" include: STRAINS, a France-based company that aims at developping an innovative STRuctural Analysis Innovation Software and at offering creative ...
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Trophée de la Simulation Numérique 2015

Price awarded to Distene for its strong and long-term contribution to Numerical Simulation!

/ News, Newsletter 4
The French Magazine "L'Usine Nouvelle", "L'Usine Digitale"and the TERATEC association teamed up to reward the champions of Numerical Simulation on June 23rd, 2015. The "Trophies of the Simulation" are targeting all French companies engaged in Numerical Simulation and High Performance Computing ...
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MSC Software and Distene Expand Software Solution Partnership for Hex/Hybrid Meshing Components

MSC Software Corporation, a global leader in helping product manufacturers to advance their engineering methods with simulation software and services, today announced the expansion of its OEM License & Distribution Agreement to include Distene's Hex and Hybrid meshing components. These technologies ...
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MeshGems 2.0 released !

/ MeshGems Release, News, Newsletter 3
MeshGems 2.0 has been released at the end of 2014. Here are the significant improvements: Surface Meshing: Surface meshing on discrete geometries (STL-like meshes for example) has been significantly improved : the new method allows the generation of higher quality meshes ...
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Trelis 15.1 expands its MeshGems experience

Trelis 15.1 expands its MeshGems experience

/ Customer Spotlight, News, Newsletter 3
csimsoft released Trelis 15.1 in November 2014, a version upgrade of its popular Trelis meshing software. Trelis 15.1 includes the much anticipated Trelis SDK, with an export API for creating custom exporters, and integrated technology from MeshGems. Trelis 15.1 and a ...
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10401 Logo Mesh Gems 04

MeshGems: a Gem of the French Competitiveness Program

/ Focus on ..., News, Newsletter 2
As one of the first members of the System@tic Paris Region Cluster created in 2005, DISTENE has been strongly involved in many collaborative R&D projects which have been helping the development of its MeshGems suite. At the heart of the digital revolution, the ...
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input discrete geometry (STL)

MeshGems 1.3 released!

May 2014 - the latest version 1.3 of MeshGems has been released! MeshGems 1.3 comes with various enhancements and new capabilities, including: surface meshing for discrete geometries. MG-PreCAD and MG-CADSurf have always been capable of meshing analytical CAD geometries (eg Nurbs, B-Splines, ...
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They chose to be "Powered by MeshGems" and are happy they did so ...

They chose to be “Powered by MeshGems” and are happy they did so …

The MeshGems suite is the trusted meshing technology chosen by leading CAE/CAD vendors, but not only by the largest ones. From our strong and long experience of the OEM business with so many different companies, from start-ups to majors, on quite ...
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MeshGems 1.2 to be released in November!

/ MeshGems Release, News, Newsletter 1
Distene constantly improves its library of meshing software components in order to align always better to its market demand. With version 1.2, to be released in early november 2013, MeshGems is offering a suite of comprehensive and efficient technologies to help ...
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Distene joins the ETP4HPC initiative

/ News
The ETP4HPC initiative (see for further information) aims at defining research priorities and action plans on High Performance Computing (HPC) to support major research and technological advances in the medium to long term. An industry-led initiative, a European Technology Platform (ETP) ...
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Distene partners with intrinSIM for the MeshGems business development

/ News, Newsletter 1
DISTENE is pleased to announce that intrinSIM has signed a long-term agreement to add MeshGems to its portfolio of Embeddable Applications for Engineering Applications. intrinSIM is a premier source of embeddable technologies for engineering applications and represents a broad portfolio of ...
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