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MG-Hexa: a 100% hex fully-automatic mesher with boundary layers (*)

MG-Hexa: a 100% hex fully-automatic mesher with boundary layers (*)

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Focus on MeshGems-Hexa, the 100% hex fully-automatic mesher from the MeshGems suite. It is based on the octree method, so as to combine full automation and reliability. Its method is quite simple: the mesher starts by inserting the input geometry (provided ...
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Needs and Trends of Meshing Algorithms in the Industry

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The 25th International Meshing Roundtable took place on September 27-30, 2016, in Washington, DC. The International Meshing Roundtable,  initiated and organized by Sandia National Laboratories since 1992, continues to focus on bringing together researchers and developers from academia, national labs and industry ...
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Better quality : example

Mesh quality: the contribution MG-Tetra_HPC brings to MeshGems

/ Focus on ..., Newsletter 4
Since MeshGems 2.0,  we are proud to provide through  MG-Tetra_HPC a Delaunay meshing method using a frontal vertex computation, trying to take the best of the two main methods for constrained tetrahedral mesh generation: The robustness and speed of the Delaunay ...
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Need bigger, faster, better quality tet meshing?

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Ever wanted to mesh a huge geometry and failed because you needed that extra RAM and all your memory slots were already full? Ever wanted to use all these idle cores on your machine to get your tet mesh faster? Then ...
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10401 Logo Mesh Gems 04

MeshGems: a Gem of the French Competitiveness Program

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As one of the first members of the System@tic Paris Region Cluster created in 2005, DISTENE has been strongly involved in many collaborative R&D projects which have been helping the development of its MeshGems suite. At the heart of the digital revolution, the ...
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Hybrid mesh generated by MG-Hybrid out of a quad dominant surface mesh

Hexes or tets? take the best of both worlds!

Ever wanted to fill automatically a closed surface composed of quadrilaterals with hexahedra only? Bet you have... Bad news is that it is so difficult, nobody really can. In fact there are even cases where you mathematically can't at all. One ...
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MeshGems libraries and API, or plain executables? You make the call!

/ Focus on ..., Newsletter 1
As MeshGems evolves into a ever larger comprehensive library of complementary meshing components, it is now more important than ever to make these components easy to integrate and control in a seamless way. This is why MeshGems comes as a set ...
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Getting quadratic meshing straight… or not!

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If people want to use quadratic meshing instead of plain linear, it's not only to get more accurate results, but also to get curves of the geometry better into account. And then comes the problem of positive Jacobians... which makes most ...
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