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July 2014

input discrete geometry (STL)

MeshGems 1.3 released!

May 2014 - the latest version 1.3 of MeshGems has been released! MeshGems 1.3 comes with various enhancements and new capabilities, including: surface meshing for discrete geometries. MG-PreCAD and MG-CADSurf have always been capable of meshing analytical CAD geometries (eg Nurbs, B-Splines, etc.), provided a UV space parametrization can be accessed. The new release of MG-PreCAD in MeshGems 1.3 is now also …

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Hybrid mesh generated by MG-Hybrid out of a quad dominant surface mesh

Hexes or tets? take the best of both worlds!

Ever wanted to fill automatically a closed surface composed of quadrilaterals with hexahedra only? Bet you have... Bad news is that it is so difficult, nobody really can. In fact there are even cases where you mathematically can't at all. One robust way of generating hex meshes automatically is to build both surface and volume at the same time -this …

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They chose to be "Powered by MeshGems" and are happy they did so ...

The MeshGems suite is the trusted meshing technology chosen by leading CAE/CAD vendors, but not only by the largest ones. From our strong and long experience of the OEM business with so many different companies, from start-ups to majors, on quite different markets, developing very varying applications, our licensing Policy was made to be suitable for anyone. For that reason, …

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MeshGems: a Gem of the French Competitiveness Program

As one of the first members of the System@tic Paris Region Cluster created in 2005, DISTENE has been strongly involved in many collaborative R&D projects which have been helping the development of its MeshGems suite. At the heart of the digital revolution, the goal of System@tic is to develop the regional economy, to support the innovation, training and partnership opportunities so as …

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MeshGems Workflow

About MeshGems

DISTENE is the developer and supplier of  MeshGems, the leading suite of meshing software components and technologies. MeshGems enables CAE/CAD application providers to incorporate fast, reliable and quality meshing capabilities into their CAE application products for simulation, optimization and digital product development processes.

MeshGems provides a comprehensive set of ...

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